SME Sales &
Marketing Solutions

Professional end-to-end sales & marketing solutions for SME’s
in the Middle East, UAE and Southern Africa regions.

Professional end-to-end sales & marketing solutions for SME’s
in the Middle East, UAE and Southern Africa regions.

Professional End-To-End
Sales & Marketing Solutions for SME’s

The goal of every business is always REVENUE GENERATION. The only way to achieve this is through effective marketing that converts into successful sales. Working with start-up’s and small to medium sized enterprises over the past 20 years, we know that one of the biggest challenges facing small businesses is the lack of necessary sales and marketing knowledge and expertise to move the business forward.

Sales & Marketing Solutions

If you're an entrepreneur or small business owner with a great idea, product or service but don't have the expertise to turn that into revenue and business growth, contact us to map out the most effective marketing strategies for your business success.

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Brand Identity
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Our Clients

Our Clients

Why Choose Us?

Our main priority isn’t actually to sell you solutions but to understand you and your vision so that we match your passion, confidence in your product or service plus time and effort you invest in your own business. We make it our business to invest in your business! Then we focus our marketing expertise around developing the most effective professional solutions that will give you:

One of our characteristic attributes is understanding who our clients are individually, where they’re at and where they’re headed. Because of this we’re able to communicate our client’s core value offering and distinct identity to their target market, through quality, professional support.

Time & Risk Saving

Save valuable time not having to take on the necessary but onerous tasks personally, averting the risk of employing full time staff on restricted cashflow.

Personal Attention

We understand the importance of personal interaction and collaboration with our clients as it provides valuable insight into their unique business objectives .

Quality Service

We understand the importance of personal interaction and collaboration with our clients as it provides valuable insight into their unique business objectives.


Our rates are calculated, without compromise to quality, with our client's budget and starting point in mind. We go the extra mile ensuriing we every specific equirement.

Results that produce a high return on investment

Qualified leads that convert into sales and revenue

Increased market share with a competitive edge

Create customer loyalty and unlimited referrals

The Revenue Growth Process

Revenue growth is a strategic process. At Gold Palm Consulting we’ve put our wealth of experience and expertise together to build our five step end-to-end revenue generation plan, then developed our solutions to comprehensively cater for each step of the process.

As a small business, you are probably already underway with some form of sales and marketing activity.  So when you partner with us we first determine exactly where you are in the process (we don’t want to duplicate), exactly what you need (we don’t believe in offering you solutions that add no value to your business objectives) and exactly what’s missing (so that you capitalise on every opportunity to boost business revenue).

Here’s a snapshot of the Revenue Growth Process. Each step is explained in more detail under our services section.


What Our Clients Say

"Our company changed to Gold Palm Consulting after hearing about it from another company who was using the service. I have to say that we were apprehensive at first, as we had been with the previous company for more than 10 years. Our fears where unfounded when we found that Louise and her staff are so approachable. She has listened to our concerns and always explained the pros and cons to us, giving us the best advice on how to deal with a specific problem."
Kevin Clack
Kei Maintenance
"Just a few words of appreciation to Louise and Gold Palm Consulting for their excellent copywriting and research work. Their quality web content enable us to produce great looking websites for our customers that contain strong and effective SEO friendly content. Great content is king and makes all the difference "
Charl du Plessis
Wired Web Services
"I just want to thank you for taking a huge load off my shoulders. As a still small, but very busy company, my focus is on the day-to-day running thereof; buying, ordering, manufacturing and then marketing for that company, and, in your friendly and efficient way, you have lifted the unwanted burden of the marketing function from my shoulders, thus making it possible for me to concentrate on growing my business. I really look forward to growing and expanding and I know that I can always count on you for advice and direction."
Nadine Camara
Brunfelsia Natural Products
"I cannot help but be delighted with Louise and her team. Quick, efficient, professional, personable and available. I started a small business and Louise made the sales and marketing process, tailored to my current needs, easy. And her fees are geared to where my business is at the moment. As my business changes and expands I am looking forward to and am confident about using the full range of services her company provides. I consider it my good fortune that I found her and highly recommend her and her team."
Kevin Botha
Quantum Freight
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