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At Gold Palm Consulting, we know that start-up’s and small to medium sized enterprises in the GCC region are continually expanding and evolving. However, we also understand that one of the main challenges facing these businesses is having a critical need for the resources and team that will support this growth, but lack the cashflow, time or ability to take the risk of employing these resources full time.


To be the preferred choice of remote professional business support to Start-up’s and SME’s in the GCC region


To provide world class professional business support remotely to our clients, ensuring a continuous top quality service to their clients.


Partnership – we’re not service providers to our clients, we’re business partners. Their success is our success.

Relationships – we’re in it for the long haul. So open, honest and mutually beneficial relationships with clients and staff alike are key.

Growth – our client’s vision is our vision and we’re excited about growing together.

Louise Niemann

Founder & Managing Director

Our Team

Gold Palm Consulting was founded by our Managing Director, Louise Niemann.

Louise has over 20 years extensive experience in all spectrums of business ranging from Finance, Business Development and Operations at Senior Management level in the Corporate sector, she also founded and built up her own accounting firm as well as successfully managed various national branches in the recruitment and training industries.

Apart from her vast experience, Louise has Pitmans Levels 1 and 2 Financial Accounting qualifications and is currently completing the final year of her Bachelor of Arts Psychology degree, with the aim to complete her Masters’ degree in Research Psychology by 2023.

Louise’s passion for psychology coupled with her diverse background and experience gives her a profound insight into each clients’ unique personality and individual business needs. This means that not only do our clients save valuable time in explaining exactly what they want and require, but more importantly, it means that our clients’ distinctive style and character permeates everything Gold Palm Consulting produces on their behalf.

Additionally, Louise has a particular personal interest and zeal for research (she believes she was possibly an anthropologist in a past life), so this is an especially awesome service she personally offers our clients.

Louise manages a team of niche experts specialising in the following areas:

  • Website design & development
  • Graphic design
  • Digital & Social Media Marketing
  • Professional writing
  • Personal assistance
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Areas of expertise



Experience Matters

"As a new client I cannot help but be delighted with the Gold Palm Consulting team. Quick, efficient, professional, personable and available. I started a small business and they made the company registration, setting up of accounts and monthly updates, tailored to my current needs, easy. And their fees are geared to where my business is at the moment. As my business changes and expands I am looking forward to and am confident about using the full range of the services Gold Palm Consulting provides. I consider it my good fortune that I found Gold Palm Consulting and highly recommend them."
Kevin Botha
Regional Director, Quantum Freight
"I just want to thank the Gold Palm Consulting team for taking a huge load off my shoulders. As a still small, but very busy company, my focus is on the day-to-day running thereof. Buying, ordering, manufacturing and then marketing for that company, and , in their friendly and efficient way, they have lifted the unwanted burden of keeping books and being on the right side of the taxman, from my shoulders, thus making it possible for me to concentrate on growing my business. I really look forward to growing and expanding and I know that I can always count on Gold Palm Consulting for advice and direction." ......
Nadine Camara
Owner, Brunfelsia Natural Products
"Our company, Kei Maintenance, changed to Gold Palm Consulting after hearing about it from another company that was using their services. I have to say that we were apprehensive at first, as we had been with the previous company for more than 10 years. Our fears were unfounded when we found that the Gold Palm consulting team is so approachable. They have listened concerns and always explained the pros and cons to us, giving us the best advice on how to deal with a specific problem. I would have no hesitation in recommending Gold Palm Consulting to anybody who appreciates."
Kevan Clack
Owner, Kei Maintenance

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