About GPC

Top quality & first class expertise

Gold Palm Consulting was founded by our Managing Director, Louise Niemann.

Louise has over twenty years of extensive sales and marketing experience in top management and directorship roles. Her track record includes successfully transforming numerous businesses and increasing revenue by an average of 300% within 3 months. 

Underscoring her experience, Louise has qualifications in Marketing, Financial Accounting and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, with the aim of completing a Masters’ degree in Research Psychology by 2024.

Louise’s passion for psychology coupled with her sales and marketing expertise and diverse business experience, gives her a profound insight into our clients’ unique personalities, operational cultures and individual business needs. This means that we get to know you, your vision and your business exclusively, to position you as a market leader with a competitive edge.

Louise Niemann, MD

About GPC

Top quality & first class expertise

Company Values


We're not service providers to our clients, we're business partners. Their success is our success.


We're in it for the long haul. Open, honest and mutually beneficial relationships with all stakeholders are priority.


Our client's vision is our vision and we're excited about growing together.

The Revenue Growth Process

Revenue growth is a strategic process. At Gold Palm Consulting we’ve put our wealth of experience and expertise together to build our five step end-to-end revenue generation plan, then developed our solutions to comprehensively cater for each step of the process.

As a small business, you are probably already underway with some form of sales and marketing activity.  So when you partner with us we first determine exactly where you are in the process (we don’t want to duplicate), exactly what you need (we don’t believe in offering you solutions that add no value to your business objectives) and exactly what’s missing (so that you capitalise on every opportunity to boost business revenue).

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