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Without a brand identity and sales & marketing strategy, there’s no effective lead generation. Without leads, there’s no sales. Without sales there’s no revenue. And of course, without revenue, there’s no business!


Brand Identity

and Sales

Your corporate identity is the visual DNA of your organizational culture and ethos. It builds your brand’s personality and shows consistency. It is a significant element driving purchaser impulse!

Our brand identity solutions include:

We’ve got amazing graphic designers on board!

Brand continuity is key! In fact, it’s the number one element of your brand marketing strategy

Your unique selling point (USP). Why should your target market buy from you instead of your competitors?


Market Research

and Sales

This is one of the most essential components of a company’s business strategy and yet, believe it or not, one of the least actioned. Why? Because it’s time consuming and business owners believe they’ll generate revenue by winging it. But guess what? … competitors – 1, your business – 0.

Our market research solutions include:

Who exactly is your target market? Their age, location, gender, interests, preferences etc.

Who are your competitors and what are they doing right? Also, what are they doing wrong??

Is there a need in the market for your offerings? If so, are you priced competitively? What are the likely threats to your business and what can be done about them if they rear their ugly heads?


Revenue Growth Strategy


This is your road map to your market. A detailed blue-print as to how you will gain market share, retain it and grow it. It’s your official step by step “recipe” for revenue generation and business growth.  Developing your revenue growth strategy takes focused time and specific expertise in research, collaboration, strategy building and finally planning and implementation.
So leave it to us, because this is part of what we do best and enjoy the most.

Our revenue growth strategy areas include:

-Brand Marketing Strategy
-Digital & Social Media Marketing strategy
-Business Development & Referral Strategy

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