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Business Strategies and Plans become your blueprint in plotting the way forward, effective marketing strategies assist in gaining market share or increase sales, and behind every successful entrepreneur or businessman is an effective personal assistant.

Business Development and Sales

Business development is the direct link between selling your product or service…..or not selling it.

Having an effective business development or sales plan and qualified leads is essential in initiating consumer interest, and turning that interest into a closed deal. Our team of consultants will save you prospecting time, identify and qualify leads, and set up sales appointments for you and / or your sales team.

With a thorough understanding of your target or niche market, our team will conduct in-depth market research to compile and generate a Target Lead Database, set up and ready for your interaction.

Our team will initiate the interaction between you and your potential client through targeted marketing, based on your specific marketing strategy and objective.

Once we have contact with your target audience, we will convert their interest into a scheduled face to face (or virtual face to face) sales appointment with a specified agenda. We will even be a part of the deal closing process should you choose.

You wouldn’t travel to an unknown neighbourhood without your GPS guide, would you? Then why venture into business without business planning of some sort? Business plans assist entrepreneurs to make better decisions as they go along, prove the viability of the business, reduce risk and secure financing.

Just as your business is a road map for your business, your marketing plan is a comprehensive road map to your marketplace describing what your marketing objectives are, identifying threats and opportunities, defining your Unique Selling Points as well as your value proposition, and a step by step plan as to how you will gain market share

Virtual Assistance

As a business leader you probably already know that multitasking is completely ineffective and inefficient. Hiring a Virtual Assistant means you have personal assistance at hand, but only pay for the tasks actually completed instead of unused time, leave pay and sick pay.

Diary management isn’t just about setting appointments. It’s about managing everything around those appointments to ensure they run smoothly such as venue booking, catering requirements and booking confirmations and cancellations. These tasks are best left to a resource with the dedicated time and attention.

Do you spend more time going through emails than on actual productive work? Your Virtual Assistant will work according to your personal style to categorise and prioritise your emails.

Your dedicated Virtual Assistant will be able to provide you with information on current customer behaviour as well as details on future market trends.

Ensuring you always have an edge over your competitors means ongoing online research. Your Virtual Assistant not only has the expertise and will save you a lot of time, but will also remain anonymous ensuring accuracy of information.

We have a team of specialists who are skilled at compiling comprehensive spreadsheets and graphs made for easy reading and analysis.

Writing up reports can be laborious and time consuming, yet they require very careful attention to detail. Your Virtual Assistant will dedicate this time and attention to produce a professional and accurate report.

Your Virtual Assistant will handle the full range of travel plans including flights, check-in’s, airport shuttles, car rental, accommodation, visa’s travel insurance and of course your itinerary.

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