Tracking & Reporting Dashboard Example

Tracking & Reporting

In order to optimise and make informed business decisions, it is important that the data you are using is accurate and easily accessible.

We focus on the following aspects of tracking & setup:

  • Making sure the correct goals are being tracked inline with business objectives
  • Creating a data layer matrix
  • Creating in-depth audiences using data and custom dimensions
  • Cleaning up of Analytics data, removing bots, internal users IP if available and making sure channels are being tracked correctly through other platforms
  • Implementation of tracking tags in Google Tag Manager
  • Implementing tools to track SEO performance and provide insights for planned optimisations from the data set
  • Implementing tools to track and keep Google My Business performance data for analysis
  • Continuous testing of goals, auditing of analytics tools and reports to make sure they are correct and up to date

Reporting is typically done on a monthly basis, this involves going through the report, providing insights and advice based on the campaigns performance.

We use Data Studio for our reporting which means the reports are live and performance can be viewed and tracked anytime of the month. We prefer to work closely with clients and have regular meetings or calls to discuss performance insights.

The data studio dashboard covers:

  • Overall site performance
  • Google Ads performance
  • GMB performance
  • Search console performance
  • Facebook Ads performance

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As a new client I cannot help but be delighted with the Gold Palm Consulting team. Quick, efficient, professional, personable and available. I started a small business and they made the company registration, setting up of accounts and monthly updates, tailored to my current needs, easy. And their fees are geared to where my business is at the moment. As my business changes and expands I am looking forward to and am confident about using the full range of the services Gold Palm Consulting provides. I consider it my good fortune that I found Gold Palm Consulting and highly recommend them.

Kevin Botha
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