How To Get More Leads And Sales For Your Small Business (Part 1)

There are some things in life that will never change. Death, taxes….and always having to generate leads for your business. It’s an ever-constant priority on your daily, weekly and monthly to do list, and for a lot of business owners it’s a ceaseless ball and chain around their neck.

But it doesn’t have to be. It can actually be an exciting and rewarding process, you just have to be prepared to invest in the process.

The first step is to brainstorm, strategize and formalise your comprehensive marketing strategy. If you don’t have one yet, are not sure where to start or even why you should even bother having one, then check out my blog and get started like yesterday!

Your marketing strategy is the foundation you’re going to need to build your revenue and business growth on – make sure it’s solid!

There are always two types of leads you need for your business:

  1. Leads that will convert into sales NOW
  2. Leads that will convert into customers between now and down the line

Part 1 of this blog series will deal with getting leads that will convert into sales now. Part 2 will delve into how to get leads that will convert into customers between now and down the line, and Part 3 will discuss how to convertthe leads you acquire into successful sales.

3 Proven Ways To Get Leads That Will Convert Into Sales NOW

  1. Ad Campaigns

Your marketing strategy would have covered which platforms are most effective for marketing your product or service. You can run ad campaigns across your various social media platforms as well as Google ads on specific products or services, explaining the benefit of each to your target market.

  • Specials and Package Deals

You can either capitalise on special occasions and events happening around, or simply create your own opportunity to run specials and package deals. They need to be eye-catching and really worthwhile to your target audience for them to respond and purchase immediately. Use phrases like “limited time offer” or “weekend special”. You can run them as social media ad campaigns, bulk email marketing campaigns or even just standard social media posts.

  • Direct Engagement

This is by far the most effective strategy. It requires the greatest time investment but yields the highest return on investment too. You really need to understand your target market for this one and should have developed your audience persona (refer back to my blog if you’re not sure what the elements of your audience persona are).

Then you need to find and research your ideal client. If you’re a B2C (Business to Consumer) you’re likely to find them on Facebook or Instagram and if you’re B2B (Business to Business) your clients are probably on LinkedIn. Find out what they do and enjoy (but please don’t be a stalker, that’s not cool) , if they need your offering and what value it would add to their life or business by having it.

Finally, you make contact with them. Either by email, social media direct message, WhatsApp or even telephone call. Your message will be very personal and should talk to the unique problems they are facing right now and how your specific offering will solve it. If your solution is a win-win for everyone, you are guaranteed to turn their heads.

In Closing

These three proven strategies can all be implemented and run parallel to each other. Just remember though, it’s easy to get distracted and go down rabbit holes when you’re attempting all this marketing on your own. It’s generally advisable to partner with a trusted agency to bring all the relevant expertise and keep things on track.

So, pull out your marketing strategy, tweak it and refine it, then get some ads, specials and ideal client research going. You’ll then be ready for Part 2 of this blog series to discover how to get leads that will convert into customers between now and down the line.

See you there…

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