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By Teboho Fumbeza

Social media is vital for your business since most people are engaged online. It is no longer up to the television or radio advert to change customer perception. You have to be visible online to capture your customer’s attention. Creating and maintaining your business social media platforms will help you reach your customers, create ads to target sales and engagement and also to promote your business.

  1. Research your client base and possible clients

Your business exists because you want to sell something, but you wouldn’t be able to sell something without your clients. It is important to do extensive research on who you want to sell to and why. So having an idea of your ideal client or audience persona can help you to target your products or services to a particular audience.

Doing something simple like a customer survey online might help you understand your followers and your potential followers or customers better. For example if you are running an online music store you could ask your followers these questions:

  • How did you hear about us ?
  • What is your favourite feature on our website ?
  • How much music do you stream or purchase per day ?
  • What times do you stream your favourite music ?
  • Have encountered any issues accessing our website and were they resolved in a good timeframe ?
  • How do you think we can improve our customer service to you ?
  1. Design your social media pages

Your social media pages are what your customers will see first when they want to find out more about your business, as most people use social media to follow their favourite brands. So it is not as simple as managing your personal social media platform. You need to use your brand guidelines, which include your logo, colours of the brand and brand positioning. Then also ensure to make designs that are catered for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter or any other platform that you use to reach your target audience.

Brand positioning helps you as a business to develop a perspective about how you communicate information to your clients. In turn even if it’s not publicly available to your clients, they will develop a perception of your brand, indirectly. It takes continuous market research to come up with unique brand positioning. This can be revised on a bi-annual basis. As a business owner with your team you will have to identify various businesses that are similar to yours and find out what makes them unique and why their positioning works.

Positioning will then include:

  • Revising vision and mission statements
  • Revising how you write your copy
  • Adding unique elements to your graphics or design strategy like icons, fonts, and etc.
  • Having a good sales strategy with clear calls to action
  1. Hire a good copywriter

Copywriting is an important part of sales and marketing. If a copy is written in a way that convinces your customers to buy your product, then your business will be successful.

Therefore hiring a good copywriter who is preferably well informed with the latest trends about your business will help you capture the attention of your potential customers or your leads on any platform.

The copywriting team must also do extensive research on how to improve copywriting methods to attract different types of people who might form a part of your business goals. Particularly those who fit into your audience persona.

The way that the copy is written must reflect well on your business. So things like grammar errors and spelling mistakes must be avoided. The writing must also include the correct call to action and make reference to different sources if those used do not form part of the team’s strategy.

Plagiarism is a huge problem for businesses and if your copywriting team plagiarises content, your business could be sued and lose clients. Always aim to be unique in how you write your website content or social media posts.

  1. Make unique graphics for your social media platforms

Design is an aesthetic factor in your business. So if people already like what they see, they will remain interested in your brand. So hiring a good design team will reap huge benefits for your business. 

If the design is uniform, simple, with matching colours, people will recognise your content over others. 

To create a unique design of your logos, and social media or website graphics your graphic design team will have to do research on different brands and their designs, then design mock-ups with quality applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Illustrator or they can use Canva. But industry specific graphic design applications will help your team create the best quality designs.

  1. Have consistent posting schedule 

A posting schedule will reduce the amount of time your social media team spends on daily posting of the content on your social media platforms. It may be tedious to post daily if you have 3 to 4 posts per day on every platform.

Using scheduling platforms like Buffer, Socialbakers and Hootsuite will be beneficial for your team, so they can spend more time creating content that your clients and potential clients will love.

It will also bring about reliability. Your followers will expect your content at the consistency which you have introduced into your social media schedule. Therefore researching posting times relevant to your audience will greatly improve the performance of your posts on social media.

When your social media strategy is up to date  it will make it easier for you to make good sales in your business. If you need an effective social media strategy for your business, talk to us at Gold Palm Consulting today!

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