Our Team

Louise Niemann

Founder and Managing Director

Louise has over twenty years of extensive sales and marketing experience in top management and directorship roles. Her track record includes successfully transforming numerous businesses and increasing revenue by an average of 300% within 3 months. 

Underscoring her experience, Louise has qualifications in Marketing, Financial Accounting and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, with the aim of completing a Masters’ degree in Research Psychology by 2024.

Louise’s passion for psychology coupled with her sales and marketing expertise and diverse business experience, gives her a profound insight into our clients’ unique personalities, operational cultures and individual business needs. This means that we get to know you, your vision and your business exclusively, to position you as a market leader with a competitive edge.

Tristan Lee Muller

Head of Design, Multimedia & Internal Marketing

Trist has over 5 years experience in the digital marketing industry helping enhance and grow various influencers, brands and corporate social platforms as well as UI/UX design, web development and brand strategy expertise. He has a passion for his work and clients. Building long lasting relationships is the key focus for him and ensures success with every project he undertakes.

Tafadzwa Murwisi

Head of Digital Marketing

Taffy holds a BSc Visual Communication and Multimedia Design degree as well as a Google certified Digital Marketer. With experience of over three years in the digital marketing field he has skills in; social media marketing, design and content creation, photography, editing and team management.

Taffy has a passion for achieving outstanding results for our clients. He takes the approach to maintain a good and friendly working relationship with all stakeholders at all times. This means that there is good communication and assures our clients that ‘we are not service providers, but business partners!’

Jaime Leigh Mommsen

Head of Website Design & Development

Jaims is a qualified animator, Web Design and Developer and Graphic Designer. She has over 6 years of experience in the digital world as well as in DTP and Print. She has a passion and an eye for User Experience and her languages include Javascript, Html, CSS and PHP (although we don’t really consider her to be bilingual). She prides herself in tackling every task handed to her and in perfecting every element of the project.

Michael Zolowere Phiri

Senior Website Developer

Mike is a 27 year old retired gamer who has invested his time in learning all things digital and cloud specifically online business growth and sustainability. 

Mike has obtained a programming and growth hacking certification with Google Developers Launch and is currently studying Digital Marketing through University of Cape Town and Google academy. He also studied both Information Systems Software Development and Project Management with Pearson Institute of Higher Education and his goal is to obtain his PhD in Computer Science by the year 2026.

Mike is passionate about seeing our clients visions come to life!

Norman Chauke

Digital Marketing Specialist

Norm is a self-taught digital marketing specialist, content creator and social media influencer who worked with various top brands.

Norm received a LLB qualification, but his curiosity about digital and social media marketing resulted in studying various digital marketing courses with INSCAPE and Google Africa and eventually resigning as a paralegal to follow his passion for a digital marketing career instead.

Ignatius Mutizwa

Digital Marketer & Graphic Designer

Iggy is our enthusiastic and passionate graphic designer and digital marketer. With 5 years experience his unique eye for detail and creative mind allows for endless possibilities. His passion extends beyond design to his team, is deadline driven and client oriented.

Sihle Kumalo

Digital Marketer & Graphic Designer

Sihle has over 4 years experience in graphic design, UI / UX design, video editing and animation while currently completing his qualification in graphic design through the University of Cape Town.

In his spare time, Sihle loves to cook and garden!

Gina Coxen

Marketing Assistant

Gins matriculated in 2020 and joined GPC as her very first job. We very quickly noticed her natural skill and talent for social media marketing, graphic design and lead generation and needless to say she’s now completing the relevant courses along with meeting our client’s deadlines.

Gins loves building relationships and making our clients happy and will go the extra mile to make it happen!

Patricia De Carvalho


Pats is our resident creative left-brainer!! She holds certifications in Digital Marketing and WebDesign from The Digital School of Marketing as well as a certificate in video production from the University of Cape Town.

Pats has a passion for creating content, video and photography and fulfilling client expectations. In her free time she enjoys scuba diving and is even a qualified instructor.

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