Top 5 SEO tips to optimize your website

By Teboho Fumbeza

Knowing how to effectively optimize your website can improve the number of visitors on your site and give your website more visibility in search engines.  Search engine optimization is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website using organic search results. In other words this is how to improve your website for various search engines.

SEO is performed to improve the ranking of your website on the search results page. The higher the ranking, the more people are most likely to click on your site, and these visitors are your potential clients.

This is the technical side of running a website, and has a lot to do with what happens on the backend of your website.

Search engine optimization takes into consideration the keywords that your potential website visitor could use in their search for your products or services. For example if you are running a digital marketing agency like Gold Palm Consulting, the main keywords that people might search for could be “digital marketing”, “marketing”, “audience persona”, “brand strategy”, and so on.

Once you have established your keywords it is easier to perform on page SEO as recommended by Google’s handy guidelines.

Increase your website’s visibility on search engines

Google indexes various websites according to categories, keywords and algorithms. The internet has a huge database of websites that are registered everyday. Therefore your website needs to be unique and simple. 

When designing your website ensure that you use simple titles, unique logos, and categorize every piece of content you post on the site. This is a good practice, so that your site information stays under a particular category with specific keywords. For example a blog post could be categorized as a blog on your website, instead of just posting an article without a relevant category.

It is also good to use the services of a certified website designer who will help you with technical aspects of website design like web hosting e.g. using WordPress, page redirects, error pages, Javascript, coding and much more.

Once your website is set up then you can sign up to platforms like Google My Business, so that people are able to link your website to a particular address and find more information about what your business is about and even access website reviews.

Creating social media profiles for your business will also help to drive traffic to your website, as more people will interact with your posts, and if they are interested in your business, they will want to find out more. This is also great for boosting organic leads.

Use good headings and subheadings

Headings on your website work well as content breakers give your website visitor context as to what your offering is all about.

People would much rather skim through the content than read all of it. So to capture their attention, you would have to use short, but punchy headlines and subheadings. For example: 50 thrift clothing hacks for you! , Top 10 RnB tracks, or How to write good sales copy. Your headline need to guide your sub-headings so that they all flow together as one piece of writing. 

Use good URLs

Your website address should be clear and simple so that it is easy to find on the internet. It should reflect the name of your company and perhaps include certain keywords about your business. If you use a URL that does not reflect the name of your company, website or what your business is about, then your website will not rank high on Google’s search results.

You should also use a short URL instead of a long one. “” can be shortened to “”, when you post on social media you can further shorten your link to a bitly link or a linktree link or use campaign URL builder. These tools assist in tracking the metrics of your website visits and how long people visited your website or interacted with your campaign. They also make your social media copy shorter and easier to read, instead of people focusing their attention on your long URL, they can read and interact with your copy, which is most important.

Organize your site content

Organize your website in a clear and simple manner. From your home page, lead your website visitors to your website categories and avoid them having to click through many pages just to get to the content you want them to see.

For example if you have a fashion website with an online store, a blog and some runway fashion galleries, it is best to place your categories as such.

This makes it easier for crawlers and algorithms to tell which numbers to assign to your keywords, graphics and texts.

Avoid too many distracting advertisements on your page

Having advertisements on your website can be good to increase your ad revenue, but you have to be strategic about where you place ads on your website. If the ads are disturbing how your main content is seen, your website visitors will be annoyed and click out of your website before they see the content you wanted them to see. Therefore have ads in reasonable places, and be careful in using too many pop up ads. It’s good practice to test how your ads look and how a user is likely to respond to them before you add them live to your website.

These are our top 5 tips to achieve good search engine optimization practices. If you need more advice on what you can do to improve your website and your SEO, feel free to make use of our services. We’ll provide you with a detailed consultation and a reasonable quote with our website experts. 

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